Improved IT Infrastructure
stability and availability

Our portfolio of services covers all aspects of infrastructure to provide true end-to-end solutions focused on your business outcomes.

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In the present day Networking is not limited to wired connectivity but it expand towards wireless and mobility also. Unicorp specializes in Premise Cabling. Backbone Cabling. Data Centre Cabling, 10G Solutions, Fiber to Desk and Intelligent Cabling. The channel for communication is also extended by solution offering catering to Indoor, Outdoor and Campus Wide Wireless



Switching and Routing

Specializes in the design of Single, Two and Three Tier Switching Architecture using Layer 2 Switching, Layer 3 switching with high redundant Switched Networks.

Data Centres

Unicorp’s past data center project experiences bind in the confidence to execute green field projects of data center. The brief coverage of the solutions covered are as follow. Uninterruptable Power Supply, Electrical Power inside the Data Center Fire Detection and Suppression, Netbolt Monitoring, Access Control, Generator System, Precision AC Cooling System, In Row Colling, Server & Network Racks, Raised Floor, False Ceiling …etc



Performance Monitoring

Unicorp supports in designing solution that provides network and Application performance monitoring tools that give accurate results and help IT professionals meet today’s networking challenges. Also our solution cover Network Tap solution which provides intelligent Traffic Visibility.